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DECEMBER 2014     

The complexity of today's (and tomorrow's) circuits requires the best and the brightest. more
There’s little disagreement about whether listening is essential for good communication. Yet for something as important to communication as listening, it appears there’s precious little out there about how to actually do it.
At what age might a tot be enticed toward our profession?Don Christiansen recaps his annual search for hands-on toys that might help launch youngsters on the path to becoming future engineers.
At a recent Internet Society event in Washington, D.C., a review of the policy role played by the ITU network policy quickly turned into a discussion of the internal issues facing that organization.
At its 2014 Annual Meeting, the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES) voted to modify key education and experience requirements within the NCEES Model Law and Model Rules.
In December, IEEE-USA is offering Starting Your Start-Up – Book 2: Market Size and Strategy, by Tanya Candia, free to U.S. members. In January, members may download at no charge Shaping an Engineering Career – Book 1: Responding to Career Challenges – A Personal Journey by Gerard H. (Gus) Gaynor.

As we embark on an exciting new year, IEEE-USA invites members and non-members to submit story ideas and articles on career and public policy issues that affect U.S. technology professionals. Interested individuals should contact Today's Engineer Managing Editor Greg Hill at

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